Pure USA Promotions.
Social Studies - (ELA)
7th/8th Social Studies
Time Frame:
3 - 4 Class Periods (depends on prior experience with Microsoft Movie Maker)
Groups of students will create a 1-2 minute (or less) promotion to entice people to visit USA(State)
  1. Watch some Pure MIchigan Ads on YouTube, and other clips from 2010.
  • Take notes and notice (Use laptops and Microsoft Sticky Sorter)
  • http://www.pil-network.com/Resources/Tools/Details/37436d37-76d1-4478-b3c9-8b578aa78544

    • importance of music?
    • quality of images (clarity, did the pictures tell a story?)
    • Delivery of the narration (sound even, expression)
    • Material covered not only relevant, but most important and enough of it to give comprehensive picture)
    • Strong lead (look for what makes a strong lead)
    • Strong wrap-up with that is finalized by come to your state.org...
2a. Students select a state to research from a pool that will consist of all 50 states.
  • Discuss with parents people (family, friends, etc.) that they may know in another state that they could Skype and find out some research details for the state PSA they are creating
2b. Background research on particular State in the the Union.
3. Make your wiki page using " PureUSA" template
Explain to the class that they will be designing a 1-2 minute promotion about a State in the Union using pictures and their voice.
But first, they need to do a little brainstorming.
  1. Individually, have students brainstorm a list of reasons why people would visit your State (Places, Historical Sites, Activities, Events, Products,Climate) on an index card (Sticky Sorter).
  2. In groups of 2-3, have students create a new wiki page using the "pureusa" template. Have them take turns adding their brainstormed favorites in the Notes section of the template. You might want to have them tag the page "pureusa" so you can later create a page that links to all of the group projects.
  3. Describe the concept of themes and have each group brainstorm 3-5 possible themes that would include at least 1 item from each students' brainstormed list of favorites. (Themes examples: particular region or city, particular season, types of hobbies, age-level, etc.)
  4. Share possible themes with the class.
  5. Have groups select their Top 6 favorites from Brainstorm list (make sure they fit the theme and that 2 favorites are from each person's brainstormed list).
  6. Post links to images under the Credits section of the template.http://search.creativecommons.org
  7. As a whole class, ask students what ELA topics they could consider while writing their script.
    • style
    • voice
    • word choice
    • advertising techniques
    • persuasion techniques
  8. As a group, have students note script ideas for each picture (total of 6, no longer than 10 seconds each slide). Each student should take the lead for at least 2 of the pictures. Make sure the notes are recorded in the Script section of the wiki.
  9. Discuss writing intros and closings/conclusions. (You might also want to discuss what tag lines are.)
  10. Demonstrate how to use PowerPoint to create collage slides with text that students can use for their Intros and Closings/Conclusions. (Again, students could also draw these and take photos of their drawings.) Make sure to demonstrate how to export the slides as jpeg files.
  11. Have groups write their intro and closing/conclusion scripts on the wiki. They can either make their PowerPoint slides or draw their pictures at this point too.
  12. Have groups create their promo in Microsoft Movie Maker (Use student experts to help train other students)
  13. Have groups upload their "draft" to the top of the wiki template and give constructive feedback.
    • connections (from Sticky Sorter brainstorm list)
    • what they liked - positive, specific feedback (sound, quality of images, strong lead-conclusion, etc.)
    • Were citations included?
  14. Question 1: Hint Has to do with what your state has to offer to the Union.
  15. Argumentative Question: Downsizing: Stay tuned for tough choices!
GLCE's/Common Core
Rubrics and Constructive Feedback